Monday, December 28, 2009


A tragedy has fallen upon me.... My brother Casey and my sister-in-law Nat are moving away from me.  They're going to a place where the women flock like the salmon of Capistrano.  Going to a little place called ASSSSSSpen.  Not really, but they ARE moving back to Colorado Springs.  I just want EVERYONE to know that I do not support them moving away.  I think they should stay close to me and have lots and lots of babies so that I can be an aunt and spoil my nieces and nephews by feeding them bacon at midnight and letting them play with PVC pipes for hours on end.  (thats what all wannabe aunts dream about doing, right?) 

Ok, ok.. in all seriousness, I am extremely proud of them for chasing after their goals and making the necessary sacrifices that will allow them to achieve them.  They were accepted back into the Olympic Training Center as residents and will be training for the 2012 Olympic Games.  Please keep them in your thoughts and using your telepathic powers, please send them all the luck you have.. even though they wont need it.  

Tip of the day: One cue that my old coach Kartsi used to tell me all the time was "hands and feet at the same time".  What this means is that when you are snatching, I want you guys to think about turning that bar over the same time that your feet hit the ground.  This will allow you to create a "crisp" movement and a "snappy" one.  A "Snappy Snatch!" (that should be a T-shirt!!) 
This idea is even more important for the clean.  You want to think about turning your elbows around the same time that the feet hit.  If your elbows are slow AT ALL, you will not be successful with your clean, especially if its heavy weight.  Sometimes, you may feel that bar crashing on you in the clean.  That is because of slow elbows.  So, to fix that, what are we thinking? Elbows and feet at the same time.  
This idea really comes into play for most of the movements in olympic weightlifting.  the jerk, snatch balance, power snatch, power clean, etc.  So any movement that you are doing.. HANDS AND FEET AT THE SAME TIME!


  1. Sometimes, when you aren't snappy in the clean and your elbows are slow, you will severly sprain your wrist and it will still hurt three months later then you will realize it might actually be a fracture and tht you maybe should have had an x-ray a long time ago. But, you will also learn to be snappier and will never again have slow elbows.

  2. Well thats one way to spell tragedy.

  3. Sage, awesome blog!

  4. Congratulations to Casey and Nat :) Condolences to Sage :( But you can visit! And so can they...or maybe they get to see the outside of the Olympic Training Center?
    I drilled the snappy elbows and feet today as I was slow yesterday and missed a PR on my c+j. I shall NOT despair...I have CFO and Sage's blog to keep me on the right track :) Mahalo mahalo mahalo, Sage!

  5. Great blog Sage! Awesome tip there, I will definitely be sharing some of that wisdom the next time we do snatches...and I agree, "Snappy Snatch!" should be a shirt, I'd wear it! LOL!

  6. Oops! I posted today's comment in yesterday's post!

    Oh well, congrats to Casey and Natalie though! Couldn't happen to two nicer people. And my girls will take you out to dinner up here if you get lonely.


  7. Sage, love it love it love it love it love it. My favorite gift of the holidays, g-friend! Lauri and Erik