Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Ya'll!! eat your faces off

Merry Christmas Everyone! Hopefully none of you were on the naughty list for dipping forward on a jerk or not pulling yourself under the bar. Santa is ALWAYS watching you work out.. remember that...

So, I decided that I'm not going to write a 146 page novel every time I blog because I know you all are EXTREMELY important people with things to do,places to go and people to see. I also do NOT want to get carpel tunnel.  So, I will try my DARNDEST to keep em short and sassy.  

In the video above, my brother is doing a "dive start".  This is a VERY rare starting position.  Olympian Wes Barnett did it, and was an amazing lifter, but not many people can pull it off.  As a coach AND a lifter, I feel its really important for you guys to try out different starting positions.  At our olympic weightlifting seminars and certs, we teach hips slightly above the knees, and shoulders slightly in front of the bar (and also above your hips),weight on the full foot, and with your head and eyes facing straight ahead (not down).  This is just what we have found works for MOST people because it allows you to use your legs to lift that bar off the ground rather than just your back. Why do you think all weightlifters ever existing (minus me) have HUGE legs? Its because they lift the bar off the ground using their legs, which can allow them to generate a lot of force against the ground when they go to jump! However, you live your life the way you wanna live it and do what you feel is best... guys should try higher hips, try lower hips, try anything that makes YOU feel strongest and most efficient. We all have anatomical differences and you have to find the positions that WORK FOR YOU.  

keep it sassy


  1. Why are you the skinniest weightlifter in the history of the world? Basically you are just walking around on toothpicks. Don't be mad b/c I have a bigger booty...

  2. Great post! Very good point that we all have different bodies and thus have to find what works for us. I've been playing with a lower start for my lifts and have found that I feel stronger with a lower start.

  3. Hey you, it's the "swallows" that flock to Capistrano.

    This blog is completely freaking cool Sage. Keep up the awesome work.

  4. I love seeing Casey wearing that Brooklyn Barbell Club t-shirt. I have to get you into one of those shirts, Sage!

    Happy new year! Keep up the great work. You're da bomb!