Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Soooo... umm..

I really don't know anything about this whole blogging scene, but I'll give it a shot.

My main reason for starting this is to help people with the olympic lifts. I know they are hard stuff, but they are super fun once you get the hang of em! I love crossfitter's desire to learn about these lifts that have been apart of my life since I was in the womb (my dad had me lifting through osmosis). I'll do my best to break the snatch, clean and jerk, and many more fun movements that, despite how they sound, have no direct connection to sexual activities (sorry).

A little about me: I started lifting when I was four in our garage, which is a gym. ( www.mikesgym.org. check it yo.) Dont worry, I wasn't lifting a million pounds as a small child, it was only a broomstick. My 3 brothers and I would sit and watch the lifters working out and we would try and mimic exactly what we saw. My first competition was at 6 years old and after that I just fell in love with the sport. It became a HUGE part of my life and my family's life.

For those of you who dont know my dad (he is like the Britney Spears of crossfit..aka AWESOME) his name is Mike Burgener. Everything you hear me say, I learned from him. He is the best coach to ever walk the planet and has willingly shared his knowledge with me throughout my whole life. He is why I know what I know.

I've competed in a 2,345,675,674,456 competitions (roughly). Dont get me wrong, I was never very good at the sport, I just love it more than most. I love how it requires technique, confidence, explosiveness, grace, sassiness, strength, charisma. It tests you as an individual. It allows you to "see what you're really made of".

Olympic lifting has changed me in ways that I never knew a sport could. I hope through this blog, I can help you guys love and appreciate it as much as I do.

keep it sassy,
Sage B


  1. Thanks, now I will look real suspect when coworkers look at my monitor and see me reading some pink on pink colored blog about snatches and jerks.

  2. Great first entry. I can only hope my kids will fall in love with the sport as much. My daughter is four now and comes to my gym too. Hopefully osmosis works it's magic on her too. When are you and your dad back for a cert in Toronto?

  3. Do I see a Sage B Oly Lifting clothing line in the future?

  4. Yet another blog I'm going to have to keep up with. Thanks for starting this Sage, and I hope to learn more and more.

    Your fan from southwest VA,


  5. Great. Another blog I will have to read daily,a nd keep up on, which will take me away from focusing on my own.

  6. Sage,
    awesome and way to go on starting a blog!! and thanks for making it pink! There is a vast lack of pink at my affiliate so I had to paint the girls' bathroom bright fuschia (I will send you a pic if you want to see the awesomeness ;))

    We are going to host a USAW cert in the near future, thanks to you and your dad's awesome inspiration and instruction at the oly cert in OKC last May that my husband and I attended.

    I hope you liked the shirt we sent!

    stay tough, I wish I was half as motivated as you are when I was your age!

    Sarah Lewis

  7. Yayy sis! I'll be reading this blog daily :)

  8. thanks everyone for your support!

    BTW.. if you guys have annny requests on movements that you would like to see or learn more about, please let me know!

  9. Sage, your blog is the best! More more more!

  10. You have my attention! Looking forward to future posts.

  11. Hey Sage - Thx for taking the time to do this. yep, your dad is the best! Since I don't have the "osmosis advantage", I'll try the "web advantage"! Gracias - Bridget, fan of everything Burgener and ColdStone Mojo Mud Pie.

  12. Hey everyone should become a fan of our favorite blogger/coach on facebook ;)


  13. Woohoo! Can't wait to read your future blog posts. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us!

  14. I'm learning through diffusion...high concentration of knowledge to a low concentration of knowledge. :)

    I look forward to reading your blog posts and perhaps meeting you and your dad at a cert. :)

  15. Hi Sage

    I attended a cert a few weeks ago in Auckland NZ that your dad ran. I agree, he is awesome.

    I love Oly lifting too, it is my favourite part of crossfit. Really looking forward to your future posts so I can get better at it and stay super motivated!! Thanks Sage.

  16. I think you should strive to be more like milla jovovich or monica belluci over fergie... they are genuinely beautiful as you can be, sometimes, fergie is just sexy that is to she is an extreme dose of superficial appeal-ance... just thought you should know you have way more depth than she does... trust

  17. Hello Sage this is Michael and Van, owner of CrossFit MSP in the Twin Cities. We had the distinct pleasure of learning from you and your Dad at your CF OLY Cert a while ago at CF Marina, in CA.

    Thanks for this site, your time and talents in providing this excellent resource.

    Michael & Van

  18. Loving the blog Sage - you can entertain on both this and Facebook yay :)