Thursday, August 25, 2011

Burgeners and our smelly farts (applies to boys only)


#1: I have been POUNDING the whipped coconut milk. The reason I'm confessing is because it's high in fat and calories and won't make me skinny, but I don't care.

#2: I took an unscheduled rest day yesterday (someone chopped my legs up with a meat tenderizer)

#3. Next week I will be visiting my best friend and she will make gluten free creme brulee and I will eat it. I will eat the S*&t out of that creme brulee

Anyways, now that I have that off my chest, let's get to the good stuff.


3 Position Cleans: 65%x3x5

Clean Pull: 90%x3x2

Clean deadlift: 100%x3x2

Rack Jerk: Work up to a heavy single

Row Sprints: 30 sec. on 30 sec rest for 6 sets.

Things I focused on:

Today was definitely not a favorite because every time I see a clean I want to punch it in the face. I've always been an early arm-bender and a weak squatter and those two things together make for an atrocious clean.
So, today, on my 3 position cleans, I focused on keeping it light and re-training my old habits.
To fix my early arm bend, I over exaggerated keeping my lats locked in tight. That inhibited the bar from pulling me forward and allowed me to keep the weight back on my heels without having to pull it back with my arms.
Also,I power cleaned, so I didn't have to work on coming out of the squat, but I did have to focus on NOT throwing my feet out too wide JUST because I was power cleaning. MEANING, I have to remind myself that I have all the way until a 90 degree squat for a lift to still be considered "power". So, instead of throwing my feet out wide to get depth as I pull myself under the bar, I focused on meeting it in a lower position, because thats where it travels to anyway when it gets heavier! However, despite my good intentions, I did look like this a couple of times:

On the clean pull and clean deadlift, I focused on the same thing I focused on with the snatch pull and snatch deadlift on Monday: shifting my weight to my heels immediately off the floor. How SUCKY is it when the bar leaves the ground and it feels SO HEAVY that you're sure someone waterlogged the weights?! When you have that sensation, it is typically because the weight pulled you to your toes off the ground. STAY BACK!!

On the rack jerk I didn't focus on much because I AM REALLY FREAKING GOOD AT JERKS. Allow me to toot my own horn here for a second. Being a Burgener typically means that you will come out of the womb being able to jerk AT LEAST 100kg. We have weak legs, pug noses, and smelly farts (just the boys, of course), but man can we jerk. And I love to remind myself of this because I'm trying to be nice to myself, remember? Sometimes I get so caught up in feeling like I'm not cut out to be a weightlifter. The ideal weightlifter has short legs and a long torso. I have long legs and a short torso. The ideal weightlifter has a mind of steel. I sometimes get afraid of weights. So, when some type of exercise comes up that I am semi decent at, I have to JUMP ALL OVER IT because it may be the last time, in a couple days, that I'll do something that reminds me that I'm not wasting my time.

Side Note: Yes, I am all about cherry picking exercises you're good at JUST to raise your confidence level for the day.

Speaking of smelly farts.. here is your awkward family photo, photo of the day:


  1. Hahaha

    You can get far with forearm-curls and a side-split :)

    I remember watching this one on youtube, have the link ? I think the guy is impressive (180kg if I don't recall wrongly) but still a pretty hilarious video.

    Remember: Squat Clean is just a weak form of Power Cleans :)

  2. Your blog is great to read and definitely makes me laugh. I have definitely experienced the weight feeling like it has been waterlogged which can scare me from going any further in the lift. One day I was maxing and I had just PR'd at 175lbs so my trainer decided to put 10 more lbs on the bar. I didn't know and picked up the bar and pretty much just did a shrug and said "man that's heavy, I am supposed to clean this?" ha ha but maybe not is such graceful words. Keep up the good work and remember just because you are not the ideal body type doesn't mean you can't be great! :)

    "The one thing over which you have absolute control is your own thoughts. It is this that puts you in a position to control your own destiny"
    - Paul G. Thomas