Sunday, March 14, 2010

pretty much the fastest burgener warm up in all of existence

So, I was in Florida visiting my bestest friend for a week and was without a computer, so dont sue me for not updating my blog.  I was told that I apologize all the time for not updating my blog, yet still continue to not update it, so Im just going to stop apologizing so that I'm not looked upon as a liar.  I got a rep to keep up, yo.  

First off, I would like all of you to know that I got shoes that say fergilicious on them.  They're pretty much the coolest things ever. 

Second, a lot of people have been asking me "Sage, I am just SO perplexed! What iiiisss the REAL Burgener Warm-up? I've seen so many different versions and it has been giving me extreme anxiety not knowing which one I should follow!" (thats exactly how they said it too, im sure of it!)  Well! I'm here to clear things up for ya'll.  The burgener warm up HAS been modified slightly over the  years, so I want to give you guys the most updated version cause I'm a nice person AND I don't want you to feel out of the loop. 

1-2-3- Down and up: you have a Snatch grip, the hook grip OF COURSE. You dip straight down drive straight up and shrug at the top. Dont lean forward when you dip, that is a different position. (this is pretty much the jump)

4-5-6- Elbows high and outside: this is followed by the down and up and you continue with your elbows going high and outside (hence the name).  This helps to keep the bar close to your body. Always make sure the elbows are above the wrist.

7-8-9- muscle snatch.  NO REBENDING OF THE KNEES OR ILL HIT YOU WITH A PVC PIPE.  This helps with the snappy turn over.  Its a muscled movement (hence the name..again.. We like to keep things simple. K.I.S.S. keep it simple stupid-michael scott) so you don't want to be thinking about getting underneath it, that will make you rebend your knees and that's bad!

10-11-12- snatch land- this helps with footwork. The bar stays overhead after the muscle snatch and we have people land in a two inch depth squat, a 4 inch depth squat, and then a 6 inch depth squat.  All above parallel, but working on getting lower (this helps with practicing meeting the bar at different heights) without throwing the feet out.  You want your feet to be in the EXACT same position every time no matter what depth of squat you are in.  Kapeesh?

13-14-15- Snatch drops- this again helps with footwork.  The bar is still overhead and you pretend there is a trap door under your feet and DROP all the way down into a overhead squat AS FAST AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE!!! DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT, YO.  again, make sure that your feet are hitting the same landing position every time.  Dont throw those kicks (ghetto term for shoes) out wide trying to get depth. Squat to get depth. 

This is probably THE worst burgener warm up technique wise, but get over it. It was hella (nor cal version of saying EXTREMELY) fast.  


  1. 1. I love your shoes.
    2. You are too funny, with your lightning speed burgener warm up.
    3. It almost looks like you're trying to do a dance. You should work on a dance routine and incorporate those movements. It would be the sweetest dance ever.

  2. Sage you are pretty much my hero... not fully though cause you're stubborn and won't admit that chubby hubby is the greatest. Until that day comes you will only be "pretty much my hero"...

  3. I love it when you post cause I can't stop laughing!!
    Love the shoes!

  4. nice Sage, by the way your rappings getting better, almost as bad ass as me now!

  5. I just watched the video of your dad teaching that rugby guy the Burgener warm up. He said it should take around 2:38 to do.
    HA! Boys are so slow....

  6. Ha. LOVE this. THANKS, SAGE!

  7. That is awesome Sage, you've done that a few times I think.

  8. sage b is awesome! i love it, girl.

  9. snatch land should have a slight dip and drive, though, right?