Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do the hook

Reminder: the hook grip is with your thumbs wrapped around the bar and your fingers wrapped around your thumb.  You don't have to get all white knuckles on me by death gripping the bar, just using two fingers is enough to lock that bar into place.  

So I competed in the sectionals this past weekend and despite the fact that I asked God to "just take me right then and there" at least 47 times, it was still an amazing experience for me.  However, I dont want to talk about MY experience competing. Instead, I want to share with you all what I learned this past weekend.  

From everything that I took away from the competition, the main thing that is stuck in my head is:  Crossfitter's are a whole new kind of species, and a funny one at that.  

" Sage, when I was working out, I realized something.  I'm in a parking lot, lifting weights, and putting myself through terrible terrible pain.  Why would anyone ever CHOOSE to do this?" - Nichole Dehart

After laughing for about 7 minutes, I stopped, and then tried to really think about that question. Why do we work out in odd places, why do we do odd movements that make for WAY too many "thats what she said" jokes, and why do we push our bodies til we feel like death? 

My main answers to that question are:

#1 We do it because we're all obviously a little messed up in the head and in Crossfit, being crazy = being badass .

#2 We do it so that we can give back to this "thing" (crossfit) that has changed  all of our lives. 

I don't know about you guys, but I can honestly say that, without Crossfit, I would be in a completely different place in my life.  I would probably be making millions as a rapper.  (kidding, but not really) 

But its true! I would not be in San Diego, working for the best gym EVER, and I would not be traveling around the world getting to coach and meet so many amazing individuals.  I wouldn't have any friends other than my mom (maybe not even her. kidding mom. but not really) because all my friends are Crossfitters, and I wouldn't have the pleasure of looking at people's facial expression every time I tell them I'm going to be teaching them about the snatch!

My life would be completely different.  My life would be way less fergaliciously awesome.  

Crossfit has provided all of us with so many great opportunities.  It has changed the way we look, the way we act, and the way that we view ourselves.  It has given all of us confidence that we never knew we possessed.  And THAT, my friends, is a beautiful thing.  There is something about beating a previous time in a WOD, or hitting a new clean and jerk record, or doing a workout as prescribed for the first time that makes us feel like we did something amazing.  Like we did something worth while.  Like we did something that we can be proud of.  All of those things are soothing for our souls. And, I dont know about you, but I LOVE a good, soothed soul.    

This post has gotten way out of hand with all the randomness and cheesiness.  So I'm gonna stop.  But, think about what crossfit has done for you.  Maybe that will explain why you workout in strange parking lots and why you choose to push yourself to the point were death seems more appealing than doing one more thruster, and why you risk sounding like a complete hoochie mama when you try explaining to someone that you had 7 different coaches working on your snatch at the last olympic lifting certification. 

keep it sassy.  


  1. I'm crying in my cubicle after reading this: "why you risk sounding like a complete hoochie mama when you try explaining to someone that you had 7 different coaches working on your snatch..." Classic!

    And I agree about CrossFit. It's changing lives, one burpee pullup at a time. Come to CrossFit Central in Austin, TX, to teach a cert or seminar soon. We love you!

  2. I can't link your "Do the Hook" rap on my FB page! Help!

  3. This was great Sage! LOve loVe LovE the hook grip rap LOL!!!If you weren't doing crossfit coaching you would definitely be a writer! You just have this magical way with words... wait, you just have a magical way about you all around! :)

  4. That was awesome especially because i tend to forget to "do the hook". As for CrossFit I came to CrossFit in the worst shape of my life and dropped like 40lbs. that's unimportant however. the Important thing is one of the coaches turned to me the other day and said...
    "You either came to CrossFit out of total Ignorance or Incredible Bravery." I said It was ignorance its almost been a year and I don't know how I could go without CrossFit in my life.
    The Do the Hook is pretty gangsta you should perform it up here in the LBC.

  5. "Why would anyone willingly put themselves through a CrossFit workout?" That is the million dollar question.

    I think it's kind of amazing that I'm a CrossFitter now, because I am, by nature, a homebody. I was never the "active" type, I've never played sports, I hated gym class.

    I think I was always afraid to push myself athletically, because I was afraid of failure. But I never feel like a failure at the gym. Not even close. The rewards are addicting, but even more so is being surrounded by positive people. The two go hand-in-hand.

  6. Nice sunglasses :)

  7. There's something about CrossFit that bonds people. Not everyone gets to have "near death experiences" everyday with a select group of people. Sweating, bleeding, and breaking yourself down during a WOD with fellow CrossFitters makes the entire group stronger and creates bonds that last a lifetime. I do it because it makes me stronger and I love my CrossFit Community. Seriously, where would any of us be without our CF friends?!?!?

    We'd love it if you'd head to Kitsap CrossFit (Olympic Peninsula of WA; outside of Seattle) for a lifting seminar AND please bring Michele for a cooking seminar during the same weekend. If you'll come, I'll rap for ya! I promise! I think we've already sent Michele an email about this. ;) Pleeeeeease....

    Great job this past weekend!

    PS- I'm the one who met you a few weeks ago at Invictus and told you that your raps sent coffee out of my nose ~4am one morning while checking my email and your blog. LOVE IT! Please keep on rappin'!

  8. Oh my gawd! This song is definitely stuck in my head! I love it! :)

  9. I remember you asked this question to us but I never heard your response, Sage.

    What do you think about right before a WOD? When the countdown tics down from 3, 2, 1...?

    I think I remember answering with something like swimming pools or something stupid but after more thought I would like to provide a more sincere answer.

    When the clock strikes "Go" I think about all of my coaches and team members. All of you who inspire me every day to push my lazy skater @$$ harder than it has ever pushed before. I think about the moments in the gym failing over and over again on a snatch or muscle up. I think about how far we've all came from last year and realize that every time the clock strikes "Go" I am ready to push with the strength of the entire team behind me.


  10. @ W8liftinmom:


    some folks have a strange relation with 'pain', I know I do...

    and what Ben said, I must concur!

    Plz sage, keep rapping

  11. Sage,

    Question for you... Why a hook grip on a deadlift?


  12. Love the effort! The rap is mediocre at best! However the hook grip is the shizznit! Except when us full grown men are ready to lift the heavy dookie! Sassy can you really teach girls that being strong is hott?

  13. I second the question asked by Caroline on this matter.

    Why Sage, why on deadlifts?

  14. i feel that a hook grip on deadlifts just secures the grip a little more. at least for me. you dont HAVE to use it, but it allows you to focus on your technique rather than being afraid youre gonna lose your grip. It does take practice getting those thumbs used to it, but be hard..like rhianna..

  15. I think I will keep my mixed grip.
    Can't imagine my thumbs being that crushed under the DL loads...

    Thanks for the explanation

  16. I miss your blog posts! I overhead squatted today and my brother said, "oh, I see you're makin' your chedda".

  17. Sage this is CRAP!

    It's June 16th!