Saturday, September 24, 2011

In case you missed it via facebook, twitter or 5 oclock news

10 things to do to improve your clean and jerk.. from start to finish

#1: Discontinue your day job at the strip club…you’re better than that. (Shoulders, hips, and bar move up together off the ground).

#2: God gave you lats to activate. Do NOT disappoint him (Set your lats before the bar leaves the ground,or you WILL pull with your arms)

#3: The bar’s main goal in life is to pull you forward and down. CRUSH that bar’s dreams (Shift to your heels IMMEDIATELY off the floor)

#4: On a hot day, milk is a bad choice, but using your legs is ALWAYS a good choice even on non climatically- perfect days. (Jump HARD)

#5: A wise woman once said, “My hips don’t lie”(Your hips must move UP and DOWN in a matter of milliseconds. Slow hips=slow bar)

#6: You’re not on the dance floor. “Dropping it like it’s hot” is not recommended. (Do not dive or drop. PULL yourself under the bar)

#7: 99% of the population has suffered from the deadly disease MonoSyphiSlowElbow. Will you be one the them?(Fast elbows=brownie points)

#8: Favorite alliteration: Petunia Practiced Perfect Posture… On Her Jerk…wait… (The jerk dip: chest up, toes out, weight on heels)

#9: Chewing gum instead of brushing your teeth counts for nothing, but jumping up and punching down on the jerk, counts for a lot.

#10: Weight on your hips doesn’t always mean you have love handles (Receive your jerk with ALL the weight centered on your hips)


  1. This is better than having my own fricken sharks with fricken laser beams strapped to their fricken heads!

  2. Great post! Always love your work. Got to catch up now with your other posts.

    Again, always a pleasure to learn and laugh from you!


  4. The clean and jerk requires strength, speed, and agility. Very difficult to master. While I'm viewing this from my cell phone and it comes across well with this medium. However, one of the photo links seems to be busted. possibly more cell phone views might help this post gain weight.  in the blog community. Anyway, it's a good read regardless.

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  6. I love this! Just sent this to like a million different people!

  7. You got a helpful tips here. Its helpful and using social media is fast way to let this message come across.

  8. Sage, please keep it up. You are blessed and your blog tres inspiring for all of the folk out here trying, failing, trying, succeeding at our own efforts!

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  11. One of the best sports in the world, in you can handle it

  12. Thank you SAGE for this.....I say this all the time! I will make a poster of this for my friends!! I think if they read it and see it every time they walk into the gym they will incorporate!