Sunday, February 7, 2010

Get up off my grill, son!

Why all you mutha suckas be up in my grill bout my updating of my blog? 

You know that whole thing where people want what they can't have? My blog updates are kind of like that.  I'm trying to play hard to get via blogging.  If I updated every 5 seconds, then ya'll wouldnt even read this shananigans anymore! Youd be off cheating on me with some blog about low bar backsquatting and power lifting. ;) 

Now that we all understand each other, lets move onto the important stuff: ice cream.  Thats what I'm blogging about, right? I can't remember if I'm supposed to be blogging about ice cream or oly lifting. I guess I'll just write about both today because I had a magical experience with ice cream on Friday night.... 

I had just finished a killer workout.. literally... Cj is trying to kill us... and I decided that there was nothing more I could ever want in the world than some nice, cold, delicious ice cream. So, I left the gym and proceeded to purchase a pint of ben and jerry's coffee and heath bar ice cream thinking that I was just going to take a couple bites and then continue on with my paleolithic lifestyle. but NOOOO I got home, turned on the tube which automatically killed about 80 brain cells, and ate that whole frackin pint in about 7 minutes.  Let me just tell YOU.. that was THE best 7 minutes of my life... minus the loss of brain cells.. but its ok because I have plenty ;)


tip of the day:
Some people have been telling me that they jump back when they snatch and clean.  Is that good or bad?  
WELLLL.. Ideally, you want to be jumping straight up and down.  That tells me that your hips are moving vertically and that makes the bar move vertically and that's what we want to see.  Jumping back is OK, but you have to remember to be Compton Hard.. aka really aggressive when turning that bar over. Think about it this way... if you jump back, bring the bar back with you.  That is the only way you wont miss that bar out in front of you.  

So, jumping straight up and down is ideal, jumping back happens, but never  jump forward..EVER...  even if there's a fire. If you jump forward, it either means that you swung the bar out, or that you banged it off your hips, or that you were extending with your shoulders forward, rather than having those shoulder back behind the bar when you extend.  capeesh? 

keep it sassy


  1. You've been commentless for 3 whole days so I thought I'd let you know you still have readers... but I'm sure it's more than the 6 viewers Robb Wolff thinks he gets for his solution episodes.

    And I tried that flavour (one of the four tubs I ingested while in Fresno) and it's pretty good.

  2. haha youre the best optimus.

    and as far as the ice cream goes... that flavor is not just "pretty good". dont disrespect the ice cream gods like that... for pete's sake.. ;)

  3. mhmmmm Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. Top 5 B&J flavors!!

  4. Oh Sage, are you in for a treat when you come to Bozeman?!? We have the world's BEST ice cream, made locally. Yum-O!!!!

    Love the blog, keep up the good work, sister!!!